Why I Appreciate Child Guidance Center

Why I Appreciate Child Guidance Center

Parenting is the most important job, as well as the hardest job and the one with the least amount of training or preparation. As a parent of four and a grandparent of nine, my wife and I know the challenges of raising a healthy family. I remember bringing our first born home from the hospital, and realizing neither one of us even knew how to change a diaper–so we called my sister and asked her for help.

Today, I have the joy of watching my son with his new baby. I see my infant grandchild trying to figure out how to interact and communicate with his mom and dad, while my son and his wife try to determine his wants and needs. It’s the same for every family with young children, and they don’t teach us how to raise children in school. That’s why it’s so nice to know that we have resources like Child Guidance Center that gives life changing tools, instruction, support and guidance to struggling families.

For many families, Child Guidance Center is a safe haven, and I’m so honored to serve as Board Chair for an organization that truly makes the difference in the lives of children in my community.

I first became involved with Child Guidance Center in 2001 when a former high school friend who was on the board contacted me and asked me to become the organization’s banker. Through this relationship, I saw the great work being done in my community, and my interest grew. I’ve now been on the board for seven years. CGC is a wonderful organization, and I’m in awe of the love and time that is put in by the clinicians and staff.

Child Guidance Center is one of the best kept secrets in Orange County, and I want to change that. I want people to know who we are and what we do. I encourage you to tell a friend, family member, neighbor or co-worker about the great work Child Guidance Center is doing in our communities. And, if they are moved by our work and feel inclined to donate or volunteer their time, please go to our web site to learn more.

Thank you for supporting children in our communities,

– H. Kent Falk, Board Chair of Child Guidance Center

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